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Questions frequently asked about instrumental music.

Do I have to buy an instrument for my child?

Most parents arrange with a local music store for a rental-purchase plan.  This type of plan allows a student to try the instrument on a rental-purchase basis until the child's interest and capability can be determined.  There is a list of recommended instruments and accessories that have been chosen through careful evaluation as the best combination of quality and price.  Always rent a student instrument from a music store with a qualified repair shop.

Can my child play a used instrument? 

Many fine used instruments are available from former band students and local music companies.  Please DO NOTbuy a used instrument until it has been evaluated by one of the directors.  There is a wide variation in the value and quality of all musical instruments and it is certainly desirable to get your money's worth.  We have found that an old instrument can deter a student's progress.  Always evaluate the cost of renting versus the cost of purchase.  In other words, do not buy a used instrument until you are confident a student can play it or until it has been confirmed that it is in top playing condition.  Musical instruments do require maintenance and some used instruments may cost more to repair than what was saved buying used.

Are any instruments available from the school? 

Most instruments must be provided by a student's parents.  In order to have a good instrumentation balance, the school may provide some of the more expensive instruments.  These instruments are normally assigned to students who have ideal physical characteristics for that instrument.

Can my child be "musical" if the parents are not?  

No one can predict a child's musical success as that is determined by complex factors, the most important of which is desire.  There is no music test that can make such predictions and no prior musical training is necessary for an instrumental music class.

Is private instruction available or required?  

While we encourage private instruction, it is not required to participate in an instrumental music class.  If interested, we will be happy to suggest a private teacher.

How important is practicing at home?  

In order to have a reasonable chance at successfully learning to play, students must practice at home.  It is important to have a quiet place for practice as well as a portable wire music stand that can be purchased for home use.  The amount of time necessary to practice will vary from student to student.  The important factor here to for parents to encourage practice and praise all results.