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Rental/Purchase Rental/Purchase

McKay Music Company offers a Rental-Purchase Plan so that an instrument can be purchased without having to pay for it all at one time. 

We only rent instruments to beginning band students attending one of our customer schools.  To make sure that you attend one of these schools, refer to the "School List" in the menu at the left side of the screen.

Many parents want their child to have an instrument but are unsure if the child is committed to a band program.  By participating in our Rental-Purchase Plan, parents can provide an instrument without the financial risk of a child dropping out of band or changing instruments. Here are the main features of the program:

  1. Continue paying for the instrument until all payments are made, at which time you will own the instrument.
  2. Stop making monthly payments at any time and pay the balance due on the instrument.  A cashpayment discount will be appied at that time.
  3. If the student stops taking band, return the instrument to McKay Music Company and nothing more is owed as long as payments are current.

School Rental-Purchase Plan

  • Rental payments apply toward purchase.
  • All new instruments carry a full factory warranty along with McKay Music Company's free service and maintenance warranty, including used instruments, for one year.
  • This warranty is backed by our full line service and repair department.
  • All instruments are complete with case and standard accessories.
  • In-house financing is used.
  • Contract financing is done with 12 to 60 monthly payments.
  • Cash discounts are available.
  • We are the authorized dealer for all major brand instruments.
  • Free pick-up and delivery to your school.
  • Weekly service provided to your school.
  • No deductible under the Loss Protection Coverage.
  • School-approved instruments.
  • Some restrictions apply.
  • Full Line Music Dealer.
  • Full Service Repair Facility.

Contact McKay Music Company to set up your own plan!

"An education in music is much more than a diversion for an hour.  Well-organized, sustained music study gives a student intellectual and creative advantages that will last a lifetime.  The study of music allows students to gain an appreciation and understanding of some of civilization's greatest achievements - and it nurtures skills and abilities which form the basis for success in any area of endeavor."